Function of SilverLife

March 23, 2013 Posted by Meditec - 4 Comments

SilverLife offers the swift neutralization of harmful microorganisms and is thereby boosting your health!

SilverLife is a natural oxidation boosting capacitor that is fortifying the health of humans and generating an acceleration of the natural body healing processes.



Silver interferes with the bacteria’s metabolism, increasing production of reactive oxygen species (ROS); products of normal oxygen consuming metabolic processes in your body that, in excess, can damage cell membranes and DNA. Many antibiotics are believed to kill bacteria by producing ROS compounds, and here, the researchers found that adding a small amount of silver boosted the ability to kill bacteria, virus and fungus.

Silver makes the bacteria’s, virus or fungus cell membrane more permeable. This may explain the beneficial effect of silver on gram-negative bacteria, the cells of which are often impenetrable to antibiotics due to the molecular size of the drugs.