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MediTec NutriCare Division produces the supreme quality, pure silver mineral SilverLife® as a topical product for spraying on skin and surfaces.

SilverLife® Heals Non-Healing Wounds!

Listed by Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Ministry of Health, Kenya​.


  • SilverLife® is organically easily administered waterborne silver and offers swift neutralization of harmful microorganisms.

    MediTec NutriCare Division
  • SilverLife® will initiate an acceleration of the natural body healing processes.

    MediTec NutriCare Division
  • SilverLife® is a Topical Spray that naturally interacts with the body tissue.

    MediTec NutriCare Division
  • SilverLife® is manufactured up to the highest regulatory standards using state­ of ­the ­art technology and is approved by the Ministry of Health Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya for human use.

    MediTec NutriCare Division
  • Silver compounds have been shown to be effective against anaerobic bacteria by precipitating bacterial cellular proteins and by blocking the microbial sulphur respiratory chain system.

    MediTec NutriCare Division
  • Silver as Ag+ can attack the sulphur respiratory chain in harmful bacteria and act as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral compound.

    MediTec NutriCare Division
  • SilverLife® is a natural oxidation capacitor that is fortifying health and generating an acceleration of the natural body tissue healing processes.

    MediTec NutriCare Division
  • SilverLife® offers the swift neutralisation of harmful microorganisms heal wounds!

    MediTec NutriCare Division

SilverLife® - Heals Non-Healing Wounds!




SilverLife® is a topical product approved by the Ministry of Health of Kenya (PPB/DR/BL/VOL.1/014(009) and is sold only in authorized health institutions, pharmacies, based on full human safety recommendations on pure silver.

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SilverLife Topical Sprayer

- Cuts and​ bacterial infestation​.
​- Skin itching and infections​.
- Fungus infections.
- Problems with acne and impurities.

Effects from SilverLife®

- Avoidance of harmful microbes.
- Restoration of vital topical health functions.
- Body healing.
- Restoration of cuts, burns and acne.

SilverLife Topical Sprayer

- Skin ​burns from hot water and fire.


  • An intake of 10 ml of 3 PPM Silver per day for 900 years is safely under WHO intake reference.

    by U.S. EPA, 1996, 3432-64/7440-22-4
  • In 1940 the natural intake for the human body of silver in USA was 88 microgram per day Today the general natural availability of silver mineral globally is 2-8 microgram per day. SilverLife recommended 10-30 ml per day give a wide safety margin to established regulatory WHO and EPA data stating SilverLife is safe by its most rigorous recommendation and reestablishes the same natural intake of silver as in the 1940’s.

    by WHO, 1984; Kehoe et al., 1940, Gibson et al., 1984
  • Silver Enhances Antibiotic Activity Thousands of Times Against Gram-Negative Bacteria, thus strengthening the antibiotic arsenal for fighting bacterial infections.

    by Science Translational Medicine 19 Jun 2013: Vol. 5, Issue 190, pp. 190r
  • Silver have presented in both basic research and clinical experience as remarkable therapeutics in many diverse clinical situations. Silver demonstrates antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal effects for virtually every surface and tissue of the body. Silver is both highly effective clinically and is without toxicity. These properties make Silver a preferred therapeutic for treating patients, healthcare volunteers and team members in international missions and humanitarian efforts.

    by Dr. Bryan Frank, MD
  • Silver mineral, as a natural immune boosting product assists the body as it is a natural part of human environment that offer aiding ability to the body tissue generating acceleration of tissue reparation process whilst used internally and topically.

    by Havel et al., 2008, Soto et al., 2008
  • Studies made on usage of pure metallic silver consistently show no aversive effects on human health as metallic pure forms of silver has no negative effect on the human body.

    by Hill and Pillsbury, 1939; Rosenman et al., 1987; Pifer et al., 1989; Breitstadt, 1995; Williams, Gardner, 1995 and Drake et al., 2005
  • Over the past few years, several new studies have demonstrated the fact that silver is one of the most effective agents in the battle against MRSA and other deadly antibiotic-resistant super pathogens.

    by Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO
  • Silver is giving optimal efficiency through the oxidation capacity that takes out germ in the body, on skin, surfaces and in polluted water.

    by Soto et al., 2008
  • Silver is recognized for its oxygen carrying capacity. Oxygen is essential for life and enhances cell breathing. Silver oxidizing capacity assist the immune system neutralizing anaerobic parasites such as bacteria, mycobacteria, plasmodium, fungus and virus used internally, in purifying of water, topically and on surfaces.

    by Che et al., 2003; Samuel et al., 2004; Elechiguerra et al., 2005; Matveeva et al., 2005; Melayie et al., 2005; Lok et al., 2006; Sawosz et al., 2007; Jia et al., 2007; Kim et al., 2008a; Kim et al., 2008 b; Gerber et al., 2008; Gopiah et al., 2008; Lara et al., 2010
  • Normal cellular homeostasis involves a delicate balance between the rate of oxidative production and the rate of antioxidant elimination function why the low 3 ppm mineral product concentration is valuable.

    by Soto et al., 2008
  • Silver is effective in the low 3 ppm, parts per million, concentration and so provides wide margins of safety whereas by definition being non-toxic.

    by Hussain et al, 2005; Hussain et al, 2006; Saber, 2006; Braydich-Stolle et al., 2005; Georgsen, 2007
  • It is well documented that the oxidative effects of particles of silver in the body, at the low concentration of 3 ppm, has no negative health effects on the human body and that this concentration supports the cell structure of the body as well as neutralising harmful germs.

    by U.S. EPA, 1980; WHO, 1993; Braydich-Stolle et al., 2005; Saber, 2006; Hussain et al, 2006; Georgsen, 2007



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MediTec NutriCare Division works with the most qualified technology in the world made in Sweden. MediTec as Manufacturer of the Original Immune Boosting Product SilverLife® offer the best service to our clients on the global market through well established distribution networks.

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Original SilverLife® is the only product that can provide full efficiency and safety from the Silver Ion. Please look out for SilverLife® in trusted hospitals and pharmacies or ask for SilverLife from your doctor and your local pharmacist to help you.

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SilverLife® is today available in Kenya and East Africa and we are constantly widening our views whilst we are in discussions with partners for distribution in further parts of the globe as today. Do contact us for further information.






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