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Silver effectively reduces inflammation

Zhang et. al. 2013.

“Silver effectively reduces inflammation and improves intestinal strength”

Silver as Enhancer of Antibiotic Activity

Morones-Ramirez et al. 2013

“Silver can be used to enhance the action of existing antibiotics against Gram-negative bacteria thus
strengthening the antibiotic arsenal for fighting bacterial infections.”

Silver enhance antibacterial activity

Gurunathan et. al. 2014

Silver nanoparticle have been used as antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antiangiogenic
due to its unique properties such as physical, chemical, and biological properties. The present study show
antibacterial and anti-biofilm activities of silver nanoparticles alone and in combination with conventional
antibiotics against various human pathogenic bacteria as a simple, reliable, cost-effective and green method
using silver ions.”

Bactericidal activity of silver mineral

A. de Souza et. al. 2006

“The recent increase in the incidence of infections due to bacterial resistance to antibiotics has been
recognized as an alarming problem, especially in the hospital environment with the probability of cross-infection.
Silver–Water solution as an antibacterial has no bacterial resistance and out of 96 tests, 5 were synergistic
and 89 were additive.”

US EPA Rule Silver Safe

USA Environmental Protection Agency, 2009

“Dietary Silver Intake of 3 ppm Silver Mineral for an Adult:
30 ml per day for 300 years remaining under the lifetime NAOEL reference of 10 grams.
10 ml per day for 900 years remaining under the lifetime LOAEL reference of 10 grams.
10 ml a day for 2250 years remaining under the lifetime LOAEL reference dose of 25 grams.”