What is the Need of SilverLife

March 21, 2016 Posted by Meditec - No Comments

30 ml of SilverLife reestablishes the availability of silver mineral oxidation capacity in the body meeting the WHO reference of a healthy and safe everyday use of SilverLife.

Human Pure Silver Mineral Ingestion In 1940 the natural intake for the human body of silver in USA was 88 microgram per day. Studies on silver mineral in 1972, show that natural human ingestion was 27-88 microgram per day.

Today the general natural availability of silver mineral globally is 2-8 microgram per day.

Using 10 – 30 ml of SilverLife, reestablishes the same natural intake of silver as in the 1940’s. SilverLife immune boosting mineral fully compensate the natural intake of the silver mineral, whilst being fully safe to the human body.